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7 thoughts on “Contact information – Rambus1 website

  1. Would be nice if Rambus could do an update on WTIC.

    Also, I do not see a way to logout once in on the main page. Would be nice to have it near the top. I entered through the public page which transferred me to premium page. Might have something to do with it.

    I would like to sugges the drop down window at the very bottom of the page be moved near the top somewhere. Both suggest are just more convenient.

  2. RIC – In the daily chart we have a double top but if you look on either side of the top you might have what is considered a double head and shoulders. The first is labelled but the second one is not. Please ask him if the second head and should can actually materialize. It suggest a target of about $18 I believe. Anyway, questions are a good way to encourage subscribers but also have new ones particpate.

    Al the best,

    Rich Scott

  3. Hi Rambus

    I’ve been taking note of your comments via the tent since back around 07/08 and thank you for the years that you’ve been willing to share your skills. I’m glad you decided to start the site because I’ve always felt you should have had some type of reward for that.
    As my suggestion/request for a possible gold share chart, would you consider Australia’s largest gold miner Newcrest?(
    I’ve tried to apply your methods to it myself and therefore have my thoughts, but would love to see your actual analysis to see if I’ve gotten anywhere close myself.
    Thanks again,
    John (who’s still really just a baby goldbug!)

    • Hi goldgrub. I don’t follow Newcrest but I will use it as the Wednesdays stock pick of the week. The only symbol I could find on Stock Charts is NCMGY. I hope this will work for you. I would be interested in seeing your interpretation of the stock. You can post it on the forum if you like or just e mail the chart. Thanks for signing up. All the best …Rambus

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