Fully Gets a Lecture on Day Trading

How do I start. I can’t believe you day traded the model portfolio yesterday. I thought we had a game plan that we were going to use. Here we are the first day out of the H&S and bingo its time to day trade. I don’t get it Gary. Did your emotions get the better of you? What changed from last week when everything you tried to trade went against you? Unless you can tell me that the devil came to your house this last weekend, for a drink, and you discussed with him that you wanted to be a day trader for your soul then that’s a different story. But if the devil didn’t come to your house for your day trading soul then there’s a problem. Gary your not a day trader, I’m not a day trader and there are damn few day traders that can do it day in and day out. Discipline and having control of ones emotions are the two biggest factors for being successful in the markets. What yesterday’s trade will do to you is embolden you to try it again and again because you got lucky. But I can assure you it won’t work. What you did is called sabotaging the trade. What if ZSL kept going up and you couldn’t get back in at a lower price? Do you chase it higher, do you wait for it to come back down or do you stay out altogether because your afraid now that it has gotten away from you. I’m trying to be gentle Gary but if we don’t have any discipline and a game plan to follow, for the markets, its like taking candy from a baby. If you feel the compulsion to day trade could you please do it with just 25% of the model portfolio? I hope you take this as constructive criticism because that’s all it is. What strikes me as odd Gary is how you can sit on a losing gold stocks for years and not trade it and then once the model portfolio starts to show alittle gain its time to day trade. Please tell me you made a pact with the devil so you can day trade and we’ll all be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Your brother in the Ozarks….Rambus