Hello Chartology Students…Its Fully Here

We have a great tool here at Rambus Chartology….designed by our resident tech genius Audept

Its way underused

Its the Chartology Forum

Click on the link on the right sidebar and use your password to enter

Ask Questions and Rambus will soon be there to answere

Post your own insights requests and comments about the site

Read other chartists like member rlscott who has his own unique perspective

Vote at the Poll

Its similar to Poster’s Paradise at Goldtent

Dont be shy …its safe and secure…and we would like to get to know all of the members of this elite community

This is a unique feature…we dont know of any other Pay Site where you can discourse directly with the resident guru and other like minded people from many countries around the globe

See you at the Form
Fullgoldcrown (for Rambus and Audept)