Reminder…..From….January 27 2012….

January 27, 2012

Priscient Note from a Rambus (HUI) post today

“Today were going to look at the HUI from top to bottom. Its been a long two year drought for most of the precious metals stocks. When silver had it’s near parabolic move higher last year the stocks barely budged and even declined in many case. Same thing when gold had it’s big move later in the year. The frustration felt by the precious metals stock investors was beyond frustration. How could gold and silver have such big moves and the underlying stocks actually go negative. All I can say its the nature of the markets to make life as difficult as possible, to wear one out with frustration, and then when the investor finally can’t take it anymore he quits in disgust blaming everybody and everything for his failure. Remember we are competing against the best and brightest investors around the world who want your money. This is a game where only the strongest and smartest survive. So keep those thoughts in mind the next time you put your hard earned capital in markets. If it was easy everybody would be millionaires and we know that can’t happen no matter how smart we think we might be.”

is gathering a nice following from 8 coutries and counting…fun to watch it grow

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