Wednesday Stock Report

I’m presently going over a ton of charts for the model portfolio so I won’t have much time to write a Wednesday Stock Report tonight. I know alot of you folks have some precious metals stocks that you have been following for a long time. If you think they might work in the model portfolio please post them at the forum and I can take a technical look at them. Right now I’m finding the bigger cap PM stocks have better looking charts than the little juniors which is what one would expect at the beginning phase of a bull run. I will probably create another list of just juniors that we’ll be able to switch over to when there turn comes. Right now I’m seeing alot of high level consolidation patterns in the big caps that are running from a year to a year and a half. This is where we want to be right now as they should be the first ones to take off. Then, as the bull move starts to get some legs we should see the little juniors get some attention and that is when we will reduce some exposure from the big caps and start layering in to some of the better looking juniors. As many of you already know the juniors can be tricky to trade. They can take their good ole time until the money starts to find its way to them. That can be very frustrating when you see the bigger cap pm stocks are rallying and your small juniors just sitting there. Hopefully we will be able to take advantage of each sector within the pm stocks to maximize our profits. Let me get back to work so I can find the best of the best to add to our model portfolio….All the best…Rambus