SAND Update

A subscriber has asked me if I could take a look at this stock, Sandstorm Gold which is a gold Royalties company. The Gold Royalties companies are one of the strongest sectors within the precious metals complex.

Lets start with a daily chart that is showing a very nice uptrend.  After breaking out of the blue triangle in the first part of August, SAND then formed a small red bullish rising wedge that has broken out to the upside last Thursday. Its now approaching it’s all time highs.

The weekly look is showing a very encouraging bullish pattern that has yet to breakout. On the chart below you can see a possible bullish rising wedge in blue that is comprised of two smaller red triangle patterns. Note the MACD indicator, at the bottom of the chart, has now crossed over, green circle.

There isn’t alot of history yet on SAND but the monthly chart shows the three consolidation pattens that have formed since it came public.

I really like the fact that this stock along with the other Royalties companies are approaching new all time highs in a sector that has been beaten down the last year and a half or so. This is showing considerable strength in a weak sector.  I will probably be adding this one to the model portfolio in the next day or two. All the best…Rambus