HUI Update

Just a quick update on the HUI that finished the backtest Wednesday morning just above 465. This completed the point #4 backtest to the now important support zone 465. Then once it traded above point #3 that created another new higher high suggesting the HUI is now headed up to the double bottom price objective which I will discuss this weekend.

I just have to say the symmetry on the HUI and many other stocks for that matter are as beautiful as you will ever see. In charting there are two aspects that help you make a decision. There is the technical look with trendlines and indicators which is the science part and then there is the art aspect of charting which lets you know when you are looking at something beautiful without all the trendlines or indicators on the chart. All the beauty and symmetry is there on the charts for all to see. Its my job to try and understand and show you, with my trendlines and squiggles, what the chart is saying. One has to be a good listener to understand what some of these charts are telling us. Right now the HUI is telling us everything is OK.