Rambus Rant Redux

“Sir starr posted an article on the Chartology Forum, “Comex Gold Inventories Collapsed by the Largest Amount Ever on Record.”

Since I began trading the bull market in the precious metals complex, in the spring of 2002, I can’t even begin to count how many articles have been written on why its time to back up the truck because of this reason or that reason. There is no doubt that the precious metals, not so much the pm stocks, have been the best place in which to be invested for the last 12 years or so. Last October (2012) there was a paradigm shift from the precious metals stocks to the stock markets, as I have shown you. Most of these types of articles are written by analysts that will never tell you to sell. All they do is tell you why you must buy and buy right now or you will get left behind and lose a fortune. They are good at what they write and very convincing which is why so many goldbugs are still hanging on to their losing positions right now. You think you felt some pain today. What if you have been riding this decline all the way down from the October highs because some analysis told you the precious metals stocks were going to the moon because of the strong fundamentals. Instead of a moon shot most of the goldbugs have had a trip to hell looking for someone to blame because THEY said the fundamentals were so strong that the precious metals stocks couldn’t go down. If you follow the price action you don’t have to worry about what this analyst or that goldbug guru has to say. You will be able to look right through their bull crap and decide for yourself which is the best way to go.”

Rambus March 9 2013