Insomnia is setting in after reading Rambus Ultimate Targets tonite

As a Goldbug these targets are devastating !

As a Trader (Darth Trader)…I am trying to remember this from a Rambus Post This past February (hard to believe its only 2 short months ago)

“The easiest and hardest thing trading this decline, once it starts, will be to ride the trend lower without getting kicked off. Easiest in that you don’t have to do anything but stay in your position. The hardest because it will be very difficult to ride out the volatility. When you look at the charts above it looks easy to ride the move down to the H&S price objectives but when your living through it it’s an altogether different thing. Once below the necklines the volatility will increase dramatically where there could easily be a 100 point swing in the HUI. I expect to see at least one good consolidation pattern form that may show up halfway down to the price objects. Another possibility is there could be a series 2 or 3 smaller consolidation patterns form before the bottom is reached. Its time when one has to get mentally ready for what could be the ride of a lifetime if things work out as expected. The big money will be made by those that can stay with the trend and not panic every time there is a rally. Easier said than done.

all the best

Rambus ”


Goodnight Chartologists where ever you are