Rambus Chartology Website Update

First.. Thank you all for your patience , understanding and messages of support  ..We are now back to Subscriber Only  View of Rambus Posts . Shortly we will have a new secure email alert for Rambus Posts which will be set up for all subscribers automatically . Email… gmag@live.ca …. if you wish to be taken off this feature .

PASSWORDS : Please change your password upon logging in for the first time . To do so click on “My Account” on the right…then click on “generate password”… a long auto generated password will appear….if you wish to use this password copy it and email it to yourself…then click on “Update Profile” on the bottom left .  OR  Choose your own new password ..(.preferably a strong one with numbers letters and symbols) by erasing the auto password and typing in your choice..then click “Update Profile”

FORUM : The Chartology Forum is still under construction . ETA > this weekend or next. For now go to Goldtent      www.goldtadise.com    (for some who don’t have access to goldtent from their location…use a proxy server…… https://www.proxyserver.com/  )

Archives and Sidebar and more will be added back in the near future .