Precious Metals Miners Future Shopping List

Rambus has always first and foremost focused on Precious Metals and Particularly PM Mining Stocks . When we opened this website in November 2011 Rambus was hoping to help guide PM enthusiasts on a continuing Bull Market run but alas …our timing was BAD . It has been 4 Looong Years and Rambus has been forced to be a Bear pretty much all through this period . He most certainly is NOT at PM Perma Bear as many outside the site think . Its just that we opened Rambus Chartology at the beginning of the most brutal PM Bear Market in History . And it is still very much alive .

Many members continue to be PM Mining Stock Addicted and are dreaming of the day when we finally bottom and can buy their favorite Miners at the most distressed prices in history and ride them up to wild riches in the next PM bull leg . Many have been buying already only to be frustrated again and again. Many are still holding devastated stocks from the glory days .

Now…a ray of hope…Sir Spock at the Chartology Forum has created the Spock Matrix Precious Metals Portfolio . His research has lead him to what he believes are the 25 most worthy PM Stocks to watch based on his Personal experience as a Mining Industry Analyst . Financier  and Player for many years .

The list has just been published at the Chartology Forum .

Only Rambus Chartology Members have access to this work

To see it log in to the Forum and click this link .

Presently All 25 stocks are on a sell signal based on Spock’s proprietary technical screening process which he has developed over the last 6 months and has been employing with great success (up 27% in 6 months) as applied to his original Spock Trading Universe which he publishes daily at the Forum .

Thank you Sir Spock

All for one and One for all