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Rambus Chartology has had a strong relationship with Catherine Austin Fits for several years. We all met in the Ozarks ad have stayed in contact ever since.

Catherine is editor  a very unique website  The Solari Report.

Catherine and her incredible story are well know to many in the Gold Community :

“My talk with Catherine Austin Fitts former assistant secretary of housing under George Bush Senior. Catherine talks about her own breakaway from the psychopathic, corrupted Government money system, and her wonderful work now at www.solari.com where she is helping people to understand our system, and move towards a more symbiotic one, based on empathy, morals, truth and co operation”



Rambus does a Quarterly report for Solari Report.

Catherines new website has finally gone live .

Here is the Quarterly Report from the 2nd Quarter. This nicely ties in with Rambus Wednesday Report which will be out tonite.