Late Friday Night Charts…

This weekend I’ll be showing you many long term charts for all the different areas in the markets as part of the Quarterly Report I do for Catherine Austin Fitts who is the founder of the Solari Report. It’s a lot of work but it forces me to look at the big picture for signs that our bull market, which has been in place since the 2009 low, is still intact and viable. When we just look at the short term charts it’s easy to miss the big picture and what it means for the long term. All bull markets will come to an end and our current one will be no different.

I’m currently updating about 100 long term charts that I hope to get finished for part of this Weekend’s Report. Sir Plunger will be posting his Weekend Report also. I can tell you from the long term charts that I have updated so far that many have begun to trade below their 12 month sma which is the first sign their bull market might be in trouble. There has been a big change in the last three months, especially the last month, so it’s time to pay close attention to what the charts are showing us. All the best…Rambus