We were Warned

This from Sir Metallica at the Chartology Forum

Excerpt from the Oct.1, 2014 report:

“I envision we are starting a similar impulse move down that will have some twist and turns along the way that will try to shake us off. The ride won’t be easy but if you can hang on you will experience a ride of a lifetime… If you can fasten your seat belt and hold on for dear life, when the going gets tough, you will come out on the other side with a high cash reserve and the experience of actually riding and understanding what an impulse move is and how they work. That experience alone will be worth more than the profits you’ll make as you can take what you’ve learned and use it the next time you see an impulse move beginning.  All the best…Rambus”

Excerpt from the Sept. 30 report:

“As I’ve been telling you the impulse move is happening right before your very eyes. You will be given every reason in the book to sell out and take a small profit with the hopes of getting back in. I imagine some of you are already at this point. It’s important that you understand what is happening right now. This is a totally different ball game from what we were playing for the last 15 months or so. Understanding the difference between a consolidation phase, topping phase or bottoming phase is totally different from the impulse move that happens when those patterns are finished building out.”


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