Fully’s Timeless Tutorial : BIG PATTERN = BIG MOVE

This is one of the best Tutorials you will ever read. It is Epic.

3 Years ago JANUARY 2018 Rambus had become Uber Bullish on the Stock Markets

at a time when most many traders looking for a top …and actively shorting .

The Bull Market in the $SPX for example was already 9 years old and had gone from 666 to 2700

Most Traders were loath to stay aboard and who could blame them ?

Fast Forward to Jan 2021 and $SPX is now 3850 with zero signs of topping.

Note in Rambus First Chart in the Epic Tutorial he had made a note at 666 SPX on a chart he produced in 2009

I am sure he had no Idea that that number would be the beginning of the Greatest AND Most Hated Bull Market in History.