Weekend Report…Precious Metals Stocks : Long View

In this Weekend Report I would like to look at the longer term weekly and monthly charts for some of the precious metals stocks. Every time we get a small rally the gold bugs come out of the woodwork trying to explain why this time is different. At some point in time things will be different but I don’t believe …

Late Friday Night Charts…

Below is a ratio chart we looked at a few weeks ago that compares the $TNX:GLD in black overlaid on top of GLD in red. This chart shows you the inverse correlation between the ratio and GLD. When the ratio in black is rising the GLD is generally falling and vice versa. If you look to the right hand side …

Late Friday Night Charts…The Gold Target

A first time for everything. This week was the first time I ever went to basically cash before the jobs report was released. It’s still too early to know yet  if this was a right or wrong decision depending on what the stock markets do next week. I thought I’d give it a shot as these job reports always seem …

Weekend Report…Stock Markets Breaking Out Worldwide

In this Weekend Report I would like to show you some charts on the US stock markets along with some overseas markets as things are starting to heat up. It’s beginning to look like a world wide event taking place. Some of the European stock markets are breaking out of huge bases along with some Asian countries. Even in the …

A Blast from the Past

Most would agree that the US Dollar is the most important Chart on the Planet

Newer members may not be aware of Rambus track record with the Dollar .

The Friday Nite Chart post from yesterday is a continuation of this analysis

Here is a post from exactly 2 years ago predicting a huge move to come in

the Dollar …

Weekend Report…PM Stocks Impulse Move ?

In this Weekend Report I would like to show you some charts for the PM complex in which we finally got some answers to some pressing questions that needed to be answered. The break below the brown shaded support and resistance zone – double bottom hump on the PM stock indexes, now gives us confirmation that the support zone is …

Weekend Report…WHAT IF The PM Bulls are Back

Every now and then I’ll do a post on “What If ” something is changing or not following along with what the original Chartology was suggesting. I have to keep an unbiased opinion and follow what the charts are saying. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. I know many of you were surprise when I exited the Kamikaze Stock last …

…The Comprehensive Chartology of Silver….

Five days ago silver broke out of an inverse H&S bottom that has temporarily reversed the downtrend. I measured the more conservative price objective using the higher low instead of the Swiss spike low which comes in around the 19.80 area on the log chart. It will be interesting to see if the Swiss spike low will be the ultimate …

Gold Targets for 2015

Below is a gold chart I worked on this weekend. It has a lot of information on it to digest. First thing to note is the top rail of the black falling wedge. As you can see the top rail comes in around the 1215 to 1220 area. Not that it means anything but the two black rectangles are exactly …

Precious Metals Stocks : Are We There Yet ?

The Psychology of a Triangle

One can only draw so many lines on a chart before they become completely confused on what trendline is actually important. Many will just start connecting two top points and two bottom points and calling it a pattern. That’s not how you find a chart pattern. A chart pattern shows the fight between the bulls …

Some Follow Through In the Commodity Sector Today

Below are a few charts from the Weekend Report that are still following through with their impulse moves out of their bearish falling wedges or flags.

CRB daily:

crb day

CRB weekly:

crb weel;u

CRB monthly:

crb monthly

GNX day:

gnx day

GNX weekly possible new downtrend channel.

gnx wweekly

GASO day:

gaso day

GASO monthly:

gaso monthly

Oil day:

oil day

Oil weekly:

oil week

Natural Gas weekly closed right on the neckline.

nat gas

Natural Gas monthly:

nat monthly


We were Warned

This from Sir Metallica at the Chartology Forum

Excerpt from the Oct.1, 2014 report:

“I envision we are starting a similar impulse move down that will have some twist and turns along the way that will try to shake us off. The ride won’t be easy but if you can hang on you will experience a ride of a …


Tonight I would like to update a few oil charts I posted several weeks ago when oil was breaking out of that multi year five point triangle reversal pattern.


Editor’s Note :See the links below to follow the evolution of this move in the Friday Night Energy Series .


Before we look at the bigger picture I want …

Wednesday Report…THE JAWS OF LIFE..

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there as to whether the stock markets are bullish or bearish. Is the Dow Jones in a topping pattern as so many analysis are suggesting? I’ve seen some charts that are calling the big trading range , on the Dow Jones going all the way back to the 2000 bull market …